Cybercrime attacks aren’t just becoming more common - they are becoming more sophisticated too. And now, the on-going conflict in Ukraine has raised concerns about potential cyberattacks and cybercrime in the U.S.

Here are examples and prevention tips.

Social Engineering involves manipulating people, so they give up confidential information.
  • Check the source - and take a moment to consider whether you should trust the caller, email, or text.
  • Go directly to the source - hang up, don’t respond to the email or text, instead call the phone number on the source’s official website.
Phishing attacks are fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source, via email (phishing), phone (vishing) or text (smishing).
  • Hover over links before clicking them. Check that the URL makes sense - look for a letter or number that is off or suspicious roots, such as “system.confirm” or “”
  • Visit the perceived sender’s official website or contact them directly to confirm it’s legitimate.
  • Don’t download or open emails you weren’t expecting or from senders who aren’t in your typical email list.
  • Never give out personal, confidential information via a phone call, email, or text to someone you do not know or trust.
Protect Yourself
  • Be cautious when responding to email, text messages and phone calls, even if they appear to come from EECU or another financial institution you know.
  • Call EECU or the other financial institution directly to question any text or phone call claiming to be from EECU or another financial institution.
  • Do not click on links included in text messages. Legitimate requests to validate card activity will typically request a simple YES or NO answer. They will not include hyperlinks to other websites or ask for personal information.
Reporting Fraudulent Activity
If you're worried your EECU account has been compromised, please contact us immediately. The sooner we know what happened, the sooner we can help you. Click here for three options for reporting fraud.

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