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Thanks to the CARES Act, you can use your HSA funds to buy over-the-counter medications without a prescription. Prior to the passage of the act, these items were only eligible for reimbursement with a prescription. The CARES Act also added feminine hygiene products to the list of expenses eligible for reimbursement.

Here are some common expenses that are now eligible to use your HSA funds without a prescription.
  • Pain relief medications
  • Cold and flu products
  • Allergy products
  • Heartburn medications
  • Menstrual products
For a complete list of qualified medical expenses see IRS Publication 502.

Of course, you can still use your HSA funds for prescriptions, medical bills and more. To pay for qualified medical expenses, choose the option that’s most convenient for you:
  • use your EECU HSA Debit Mastercard
  • pay out of pocket and then use online bill pay to withdraw funds from your HSA to reimburse yourself
  • use online bill pay
Be sure to save all receipts for your qualified medical expenses in the event that you are audited by the IRS.

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