Pay Loan By Card or E-Check

EECU offers two options for making your EECU loan payments from non-EECU accounts. These payments are securely processed by a third-party, HP Payments.
First, you can pay by electronic check using your savings or checking account held at another financial institution. This option is free, and the payment will be deducted from your outside account within three business days. The other option is to pay using your non-EECU debit or credit card. HP charges an $11.25 convenience fee for this option in order to offset fees charged by the card networks.
Regardless of which option you pick, your payment will be credited to your EECU loan the same day, as long as the payment is made by 5:30 pm. You just need to know your account number, two-digit loan ID, and the last four digits of the primary account holder’s social security number.

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