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Effective March 1, 2017

Business Savings Accounts
Administration Fee (if closed within 90 days) $10.00
Business Money Market Savings
Service Charge (if balance falls below $5,000) $10.00
Business Checking - Simple
Checks/ACH per Item After 50 $0.40
Cash Transactions Over $2,500 (per $100) $0.30
Business Checking - Essential
Checks/ACH per Item After 100 $0.40
Cash Transactions Over $5,000 (per $100) $0.30
Monthly Service Charge (if average balance falls below $5,000) $12.00
Business Checking - Interest
Checks/ACH per Item After 200 $0.40
Cash Transactions Over $10,000 (per $100) $0.30
Monthly Service Charge (if average balance falls below $10,000) $15.00
Business Checking - Analysis
Checks/ACH Items $0.10
Cash Transactions (per $1,000) $0.30
Monthly Service Charge $15.00
Online Services
Bill Pay FREE
Mobile Banking FREE
Online Banking FREE
Online Statements FREE
Safe Deposit Boxes
3x5 $25.00
5x5 (limited locations) $30.00
3x10 $35.00
5x10 $55.00
10x10 $95.00
Safe Deposit Drill Fee Varies
Transaction Fees
ATM Account Inquiry (no charge for EECU or Allpoint® ATMs) $0.50
ATM Withdrawal (no charge for EECU or Allpoint® ATMs) $3.001
Cashier's Check (minimum $1,000) $3.00
Check Printing Varies
Courtesy Pay $34.00
Insufficient Funds (NSF) $34.002
International Wire Trace $15.00
Money Order (maximum $1,000) $2.00
MoneyGram® International Varies
Overdraft Transfer from Savings, Checking or Line of Credit (per item) $3.00
Returned Deposit Item $12.00
Stop Payment $34.00
Telephone Payment $5.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming FREE
Wire Transfer - Outgoing (Domestic) $20.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing (International) Varies
Other Fees
Check/Debit Card Replacement $5.00
Coin Purchase (per roll) $0.10
Collection Fee (minimum) $10.00
Currency Strap $0.25
Extensive Research (per hour) $15.00
Legal Process Fee (i.e. garnishment, levy) $100.00
Mailed Statement - Detailed $5.00
Mailed Statement - Non-Detailed $2.00
Night Bags - Disposable Varies
Night Bags - Locking $20.00
Returned Mail (incorrect address; per account) $5.00
Statement - Copy in Branch $3.00
Temporary Checks (4 per page) $2.00
Visa Gift Card $2.50
Visa Reloadable Debit Card (ATIRAreload) $4.95

This fee is in addition to any fees that ATM owner may charge.
2 Fees may be imposed for overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or by other electronic means, as applicable.

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