If you have multiple HSAs, consider consolidating them into a single account for convenience and to maximize your health care savings. You can easily transfer or rollover your existing HSA into your EECU HSA.

To transfer funds: Login to EECU Online Banking, download our prepopulated Transfer Form, sign it and send it directly to your other HSA provider who will send us a check to deposit into your EECU HSA. The Direct Transfer form is also available at www.eecu.org/hsa.

To roll over funds: Withdraw your HSA funds from your other HSA provider and then roll over (deposit) them to your EECU HSA, within 60 days after the date you received the funds. (If you fail to do so, the IRS will levy income tax on the amount you rolled over, plus a 20% penalty.) You can complete one rollover between HSAs per year.

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