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If you see one or more transactions to your EECU account that you have no knowledge of authorizing or that you did not make, your account may have fallen victim to fraudulent activity. In this case, follow these steps immediately to secure your funds.

A provisional credit will be credited to your account within ten business days, pending investigation, and a final decision concerning your dispute will be provided to you in writing.

  1. Notify us of the situation and turn off account access to your card immediately by calling 1 (800) 333-9934.
  2. Complete the dispute for the unauthorized transaction(s) with the representative you reach at 1 (800) 333-9934.
  3. Request that a new card be issued to you. You may call us at (817) 882-0800 to make this request (delivery takes 7-10 days) or visit any of our convenient financial centers to receive a new card instantly.

Find your local financial center or ATM